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`Paradise Lost` Press Quotes


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What has been said in the press

The intimacy and depth of emotion and connection he is able to weave with two inanimate objects is nothing short of magic. This one is not to be missed. Run, don’t walk.”

  • Amanda Campbell(The Way I See It)

“Although the price to pay might be a small one, it’d still be a sin to miss Paradise Lost.”

  • Stephen Cooke(The Chronicle Herald)

“… a stirring, visually-astounding, memorable piece of theatre that I predict will be among the best Fringe plays I see—-ever.”

  • Kate Watson(The Coast)

“…he’s an extraordinary theatrical artist, and this 50-minute intimate epic is sure to be one of the highlights of this year’s festival.”

  • Martin Denton(nytheatre.com)

“I would definitely strongly recommend Paul Van Dyck’s adaptation of Paradise Lost…”

  • Stephen Tortora-Lee(The Happiest Medium)

“…Van Dyck turns an arduous English literature class reading into sexy, sinful fun.”

  • Adrienne Urbanski(Theatre Is Easy)

“…this is the best theater – the most relevant to our time, the most uplifting, the most artistic, simultaneously the most esoteric and exoteric, visually, aurally, and intellectually stimulating – that I have seen in a long time.”

  • W. Kenton(Cultural Capitol)

“I highly recommend that you see this play while you can, and I hope we will be seeing more of Paul Van Dyck and this inspired show.”

  • Byrne Harrison(StageBuzz.com)

Inspired… Intense… It’s great!”

  • Jeanette Kelly(Homerun, CBC Radio)

Montreal actor/director Paul Van Dyck has come up with a dazzling new solo performance art piece, complete with slick computer graphics and Adam and Eve puppets, that strikes with the force of devilish revelation. His line delivery offers an audacious re-interpretation of the text that makes Milton sound relevant to today. Don’t hesitate to buy a ticket…

The amazing thing about Van Dyck’s piece is that it reinterprets Milton without radical deconstruction… Judging from his virtuoso performance in Paradise Lost, Van Dyck’s career could be about to take flight.”

  • Pat Donnelly(The Gazette)

Van Dyck and his team spice it up… It’s a very ambitious production that is not as much about entertainment as it is about serious theatre.”

  • Julia Gerke(The Suburban)

Van Dyck’s take on Paradise Lost stays the epic course.”

  • Brett Hooton(Hour)

How many one-man plays can boast impressive CGI, puppets and a bona fide script by John Milton?”

  • – Christopher Olson(The Link)

The Rolling Stones might be the first kings of rock and roll, but after seeing Paul Van Dyck’s adaptation of epic poem Paradise Lost, there’s no doubt that Satan is the original rock star”

– Emily Manuel(The Concordia Online)



Update: Paradise Lost at the Segal Centre


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A Beyond the Mountain Fundraiser benefiting The Montreal Children’s Hospital

After it’s Success in Halifax at the Atlantic Fringe Festival and in London for Oh Solo Mio. Paradise Lost comes back to Montreal for one night only to help raise money for Montreal Children’s Hospital foundation at the Segal Centre Theatre.

Paradise Lost

by John Milton
Adapted, Directed, and Performed by Paul Van Dyck
Lighting by Jody Burkholder
CGI by Jeremy Eliosoff
Puppets by Lyne Paquette

Winner of ‘Outstanding Show’ & ‘Fringe Hits’ Awards
2011 Atlantic Fringe Festival

Date & Time:

Saturday, December 10th 8:00pm


General Admission: $30
QDF Members: $15


Segal Centre Theatre
5170 ch. de la Côte-Ste-Catherine

Till then you can:

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Paradise Lost Press at Atlantic Fringe


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Paradise Lost has won a “Fringe Hits” award–The best attended show in the Danspace & “Outstanding Show” award–The best overall production in the Atlantic Fringe Festival


Paradise Lost – Amanda Campbell(The Way I See It)
“The intimacy and depth of emotion and connection he is able to weave with two inanimate objects is nothing short of magic. This one is not to be missed. Run, don’t walk.”

Paradise Lost gets a rock update – Stephen Cooke(The Chronicle Herald)
“Although the price to pay might be a small one, it’d still be a sin to miss Paradise Lost.”

Day Two at the Fringe – Kate Watson(The Coast)
“… a stirring, visually-astounding, memorable piece of theatre that I predict will be among the best Fringe plays I see—-ever.”


‘Everyone wins’ at this year’s fringe fest – Andrea Nemetz(The Chronicle Herald)

Paradise Lost wins big at Atlantic Fringe(Charlebois Post Canada)

2011 Halifax Fringe Festival Sure To Please(Haligonia.ca)

A?game of speed-dating with the artists – Jennifer Taplin(Metro Halifax)

Fringe: ‘New generation’ – Elissa Barnard(The Chronicle Herald)

Openings We’re Tracking This Week, August 29-September 4(Charlebois Post Canada)

Blog: Paradise Lost’s Journey to Atlantic Fringe:

(Part I)
(Part II)
(Part III)
(Part IV)

For more info on Paradise Lost visit: beyondthemountain.ca or follow along on twitter with #PLost

Update: Paradise Lost in Halifax


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Paradise Lost in Halifax in 2 venues, for the Atlantic Fringe Festival

Ticket Price : $9

1531 Grafton St.

Friday, September 2nd 8:30PM
Saturday, September 3rd 3:30PM
Sunday, September 4th 8:00PM
Monday, September 5th 7:00PM

Neptune Studio Theatre
1593 Argyle Street

Wednesday September 7th 10:00PM
Saturday September 10th 12:30PM

For more info check out our site or follow along on twitter with #PLost

Minnesota Fringe Review: Underneath the Lintel


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Underneath the Lintel

Presented by Pat O’Brien’s Vanity Theatrics
Written by Glen Berger

Underneath the Lintel is a one-man play about a reclusive librarian with obsessive compulsive tendencies who starts to chase after clues to search out who anonymously returned a library book that is 123 years overdue. While on his search, he discovers more then he could ever imagine about the world and himself.

Now, let me start off by saying that I fell in love with this piece the moment he explained that his library date stamper contained all of human history, past, present and future. Containing every date, including all historic events and the birth and death of everyone in the room. This opening bit immediately endeared me to the character and made it easier to follow alongside.

Patrick O’Brien plays the librarian with a fast paced energy that keeps the audience fully engaged. As the action plays out we become witness to the unravelling of an intricate tale and a fastidious man. The clues that he uses to track down an increasingly mythic being are in the minute details, which gives you a feeling of being taken on a journey of the Sherlock Holmes variety. The play’s strengths lie not only in O’Brien strong performance but also in how the story evolves. What starts off a simple story about about a librarian trying to track down a delinquent library patron and it slowly wends its way into existential quandaries about god, fate and our place on this earth.

This is not Lintel’s first time at the Minnesota fringe, as last year it played to good-sized houses and rave reviews with an average of 5 kitties overall. The play itself has an impressive history with productions all over north America with countless nominations and positive reviews. It was first produced by The Actors’ Gang theatre company in 2001 in Los Angeles then later that year in New York City at the Soho Playhouse. With 450 performances, it was then voted as one of the Top Ten Plays of the Year by Time Out NY magazine. The original ran at about ninety minutes, so the hour time-limit of the Fringe requires some careful trimming. However, I never felt as if something was missing from the piece – O’brien has done well editing the show down without leaving it lacking. Overall I really enjoyed this show.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Welcome to Beyond the Mountain’s blog


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Welcome and bienvenue to Beyond the Mountain productions’ blog, which will not only feature breaking news and updates from the company’s productions and events, but also travel journals and theatre reviews from around the world.

Join us on our journey as we tour Montreal artists and search for new and dynamic work to bring back home.

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