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Statement from the Founders of Beyond the Mountain Concerning our Inseparable Connection to the Jewish People in the Land of Israel

October 15, 2023

The Founders for Beyond the Mountain acknowledge our inseparable connection to the Jewish people in the land of Israel concerning the atrocities the Jewish people have experienced by terrorist entities of late. Specifically, the wicked barbaric attacks that occurred on October 7th 2023 attacks from terrorists in Gaza.

We believe that we are part of the olive tree. We are part of those returning 10 tribes of Israel seeking to be restored to our older Jewish brothers. We must stand with those who are family. The enemy of our soul has sought to wipe out the Jewish people through pogroms, holocausts, and terrorism. Our Jewish family is integrally connected to prophetic history, thus the reason that evil seeks to destroy history of the family of Jacob.

Beyond the Mountain does not tolerate antisemitism of any fashion. If you think you know more of what is going in Israel than those living there, you may want to ask yourself if you have an antisemitic spirit. You cannot begin to understand what its like to be hated with a hatred that leads to murder and all kinds lies and carnage. If you are heartless and say or think they deserve it, you are on sinking sand. The plumb line is drawn. Where do you stand? As for Beyond the Mountain, we stand with Israel and the Jewish people!

The following are links to organizations that we trust who are lending a helping hand to assist Jewish people who have been impacted by the current conflict. Please consider donating to one of more of these organizations as they will make sure every penny that is given goes to helping those in need. (Ten from the Nations link to give to communities in Judea and Samaria for security needs) (at the donation button state that you are giving for relief efforts to the war)

Donate to help protect the farms and small communities of Judea & Samaria:


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