Introduction to Beyond the Mountain

If you’ve asked what Beyond the Mountain is all about you’ve asked the right question. In Hebraic thought, asking the right questions leads to the right answers. Beyond the Mountain is about making progress in our life as a believer in Messiah Yeshua. It’s a journey, but have we been camped at Mount Sinai for too long? If you’ve stayed there, you haven’t made progress. Life is a journey. At Beyond the Mountain, we invite you to take the journey with us. It can be daunting for there are many enemies to face and obstacles all around. But, its a journey we must take for a land to inherit awaits us! Come with us and join us on the journey. We may just be a Gideon’s army, but that’s all it took to defeat the enemy!

March with us and join this latter day Gideon’s army!