Episode 18: Part 1 -Fear Driving the Plandemic: The Real Agenda

October 29, 2021

You haven’t seen us in awhile. We are not going away – life happens & it did for Beyond the Mountain. We are back, but on Rumble this time. When you watch this video you will understand why. The title alone can explain it. In this Episode 18 – part 1, we get into the fear that is really driving this plandemic. When you give-in to the spirit of fear, we will submit to those who do not have our best interests. Episode 18 – Part 2, we continue with our discussion commenting on Psalms 91 and how that applies to this current plandemic.


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  1. Those are very interesting and thought provoking subjects you both are bringing up. Toda rabba Tzefaniah and Solomon for this broadcast. From March through May, while I was deemed non essential by our governor, I rewrote the lyrics to the Beatles song, “Come Together”. The song was about my observations of the media instilling fear amongst it’s audience and all I noticed happening in and around our neck of the woods and also around the world.

    1. Glenn, love it! That was awesome and so true, maybe one day I can record Kotel California (You can guess what that is a parody of.) for you. Thank you for your encouragement!

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