Episode 18: Part 2 – Fear Driving the Plandemic: The Real Agenda

November 5, 2021

The spirit of fear will lead us to the place where we can literally lose our sanity. If we are grounded in love, power, and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7), we are then positioned to combat the enemy of our souls and his strategies will come to naught as we function with clarity of mind. In part 2, we begin to look at the events all around us as signs of our coming restoration back to the land of our inheritance.


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  1. Heh…shalom shalom,
    Thanks for the good word of encouragement.
    Just a couple points:
    Re: Shlomo’s map….I too believed that the River Egypt was the NIle until I hosted an elderly couple from Egypt. (Conner & Celeste were with us at the same time).
    With a very clear explanation and a map drawn he showed us that it is a short river that starts in the Mediterranean Sea and flows in at the top part of the Sinai. So the greater Israel would stop there at the southern end.
    Also loved the comment that Glenn gave in regards to the Jeremiah scripture. I too believe that we are the 3rd temple build without hands
    Thanks for your precious labor of love !!
    Avigail from Tiverya

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