Exposing the Religious Spirit

September 29, 2019

In our 4th podcast, we share a little bit about the meeting we had in Mountain City, GA over the Labor Day weekend. Part of this discussion, we touch on understanding our identity in Messiah. Do we know that we are bought with a price? If so can we promote a teaching that we have an evil inclination? Does Scripture support this? We discover what Paul/Shaul has to say about this very issue. Then we confront a nefarious spirit that is functioning in our community – the religious spirit. Since this is a heavy topic, we thought it was important to provide hope that you can be free of this spirit today for whom the Son sets free shall be free indeed!


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  1. Wow! So the Ruah opened up my mailbox and emptied it out! Again! Thank you for being loving and obedient and sharing this insight into a dark side of religion. I realize I’ve been duped by the enemy, by becoming what I hated.

  2. This was excellent! I find the “religious spirit” is often nearby, waiting and lurking for an opening to show itself when i am vulnerable due to emotional damage through being hurt, abandoned and ignored. Even if i know intellectually what the religious spirit is all about, i still have to be diligent in shielding myself from its relentless attacks. To do that i must maintain my prayer-life, stay in the Word, share my struggles with others and not isolate myself from the body.

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